ONESSI initiative

In 2005,a new NESSI initiative within the IST domain of the European Union 7th Framework Programme (FP7), for “Networked European Software & Services Initiative” has been formed as a new European Technology Platform (ETP). With representants of the major European software and services leading organizations, it units 13 partners of which ObjectWeb around a common vision and approach for the development of the European software and services technologies.

The ETP concept is about the relevant stakeholders, led by industry getting together to define a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) as to materialise the common vision on the medium (several years) to long term (decades) Research and Technological challenges.

As a co-founding parter of NESSI, OW2 duties are to represent open-source community within NESSI and to actively contribute to the collaborative elaboration of the SRA. This offers a wide range of opportunities for ObjectWeb members to play a leadership role in future European middleware technologies and applications.

OW2 contributions to NESSI are coordinated within the Open source NESSI initiative (ONESSI) of which goals are to:

(1). Develop a vision and roadmap enabling OW2 to play a leadership role in open-source middleware technologies and applications

(2). Foster a pooled access and expertise to European RTD funded programmes

(3). Enhance the collaboration among the researchers and the users of middleware technology from early phase to appropriate exploitation of NESSI results

(4). Improve coordination between European Commission, policy makers, academia and industrial players regarding EU software and services initiatives and projects

Initial objectives of ONESSI are to contribute to the definition of NESSI Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) providing a vision for Open Source Middleware perspectives.