Service Engineering WG

The focus of the working group is on the engineering of services and on their integration and composition into new services and business processes. At a very high level, the area includes the development of highly, configurable and adaptable, compos-able services (component service layer), the construction of an integration layer for the composition and orchestration of component services into business processes (service composition layer), and the description and management of distributed business processes (process layer).
Two kinds of topics that are across the three layers are of special interest for the group: (1) methodologies, tools and techniques that support the design and run-time phases, as well as the management of services, compositions and processes; and (2) the study of different features that concur to a comprehensive definition of services, such as their policies, transactions management, and run-time monitoring mechanisms.

The scope of this WG includes:

  • support the development/execution of component services that are designed for configurability, re-usability and adaptability
  • communication amongst services, creation of composite services and basic orchestration
  • description of complex business processes and to the related support for execution and management in complex, distributed environments.
  • service features: policy management, monitoring, transaction
  • design and run-time support (bingding, config, lifecycle management, IDEs;, autonomic properties)