First Workshop on Thursday January 12th, 2006

Meeting place and directions are available at

Participants to this meeting are expected to study SRA working documents prior to the meeting and to come with specific questions and suggestions ( SRA working documents available at login/password will be provided to you after you confirm your attendance to Pascal.Moussier AT All working documents are provided thru ONESSI mailing list at and must be kept as confidential for ONESSI purposes only.

The tentative goals of the workshop are to:

. bring together members from academia and industry to identify substantial obstacles to next generation OS middleware, to propose, discuss and agree upon the top challenges. The challenges can either be fundamental in nature or can be pragmatic. They can be either narrow or broad in scope, and can be addressed at a medium or long term.

. review, validate and update the SRA Draft-2 made collaboratively by NESSI partners and revise it according to the academia consultation results. During the workshop, we will further discuss about the SRA Draft-2 focused sections, revisit/ complete them in order to consolidate the expected ObjectWeb written contribution by January 15th DEADLINE.

Please note that to meet the SRA deadline you should provision some additional time after the meeting to finalise the workshop results in writing the required ObjectWeb contribution proposal for SRA purpose. (Meeting rooms at INRIA will be made available on Friday January 16th for such purpose)

Morning from 9h30 am to 12h30 pm

  • (1)- ObjectWeb role and responsibilities in NESSI
      • by Christophe Ney and Pascal Moussier
  • (2)- NESSI SRA objectives, process and draft overview
      • by Frederic Gittler from HP Reseach Labs, as NESSI SRA Working Group leader
  • (3)- Key SRA discussion points about ObjectWeb middleware platform positioning and articulation in terms of R&D:
      • with Frederic Gittler and all OW participants
    • How are OS middleware issues and challenges being adressed in the SRA?
    • How Open Source can contribute to the NESSI enterprise and citizen objectives?
    • What are the challenges that NESSI must meet about Open standards?
  • (4)- Discussion and conclusions when to identify and evaluate the expected contribution level and deliverables for the SRA elaboration works:
      • chaired by Christophe Ney, all OW participants
    • Where and what can ObjectWeb raise, improve, impact or feed in the SRA draft document?
    • What are the key topics that ObjectWeb must clearly address?
    • What are the key SRA sections that ObjectWeb fit with, should revise and must contribute in?
12h30 Lunch break

Afternoon from 13h30 to 17h00

  • (5)- Producing and refining the ObjectWeb SRA contribution focusing on SRA Draft-2 sections,
      • by all ObjectWeb participants
    • To be revised in particular through the Academia provided contribution:
      • 4.2.5 Open standards
      • 4.2.6 Open Source
    • To be completed in terms of middleware R&D perspectives:
      • 4.4.1 NESSI Framework, overview
      • 4.5.4 NESSI Adoption, architecture and engineering
    • other sections that might be considered
16h45 Wrap-up and recommended follow-up actions

17h00 End of the meeting