User/Service Adaptative Interactions WG

The User/Service Interactions WG is focused on leveraging existing research in human-to-computer interaction to bring a new dimension to service-oriented paradigms.
It will cover research on the following areas:

  • Definition of suitable user representation models combined with semantic descriptions of business domains, contexts and processes based on knowledge models;
  • Advanced declarative abstract user interface definition languages and tools enabling user interface development by composition and configuration as well as the annotation of knowledge and the corresponding runtime environments to support multimodal/multidevice interaction with services.
  • Definition and composition of user interfaces by human end users: Methods and tools to allow the end-user to set-up their own personalised user interfaces by composing interface building blocks according to the device
The WG´s Scope of work includes:
  • Recommendations for the achievement of standards that allow for greater interoperability.
  • Recommendations for the development of new paradigms to facilitate user interface construction by composition as well as the interaction with services (either component services or composed/orchestrated services) taking into account new user-centric paradigms.
  • Recommendations for improving the human-centric aspects of these services especially taking into account the collaborative nature of these services.
  • Recommendations in the areas of organisational change, policy aspects, etc. that will lead to the lowering of barriers to interaction between humans, machines and services
  • Recommendations for further treatment of legal and other policy issues